Zero Hour

So, I’m here to help.

Generally, what everybody will tell you to do in order to get better fast is save all the replays of games you lose, watch them, and see what the other guy did.  Then you try to implement that in the future, get some practice, and gradually get better.  This is essentially a great way to get on your feet fast, just make sure you copy the good players and not the turtling nubs.

In general, keys to winning are have solid teammates, communicate, and pick a plan.  If you’re gonna rush, go in for it and don’t waver around or only send in half, because that’s a guaranteed loss.  Also don’t commit too far, cause then you could just as well die with no chance of a comeback, you need to recognize when you have the initiative and when you should back off or perhaps sell out your own base.

Rushing is the best way to start off, mainly because it gets the learning curve up a lot higher and sets you to have some fun.  Basically, my favorite rush is the GLA toxin gen 3 wf rush, works great sometimes, fails really bad at other times.  The first time I started watching a few replays I stole this from Capt, and actually I kinda stopped watching replays after I made this rush work.  Too bad but most of the good players have a good response to this rush these days.

Good practice to start off with though.  The key to it is building a supply depot instantly (hotkey U), and then queuing a few workers (usually around 4 to 6).   Then as soon as the supply is done build three warfactories and then start making tanks while also looking for more cash.  What you make is really up to you as a personal preference, but generally you can base this decision on your knowledge of who you are up against.  If you are going vs an AF gen you make 9 quads (hotkey U), 3 quads per warfactory.  If you are going vs GLA or an otherwise unknown gen I go with 6 scorps and 3 quads, my generic build style.  With the three quads I add the scorp rocket upgrade at the end because the quads build the fastest and the rocket is a must have for any rush.  I also build a barracks to capture any oil on the map.  THIS ONLY WORKS WITH 20K.

10k is for lattaaaz.

So, watch the vid to see this basic rush in action, and practice it.

Zero Hour 01 – GLA 20k RUSH – GoodCat


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